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o natasha...can i call u tash? i really dont kno what to say..i mean u have been to everything possible that could help and yet u still do what u do and suffer. i am really sorry ot hear that u have few friends, they just dont get it now do they? its really hard. i agree with the whole feel "high" and uplifted when stuffing our faces with high fatty foods. i know what u mean. i used to do it steady. and yes...bulimia does cause major health problems. i lacked iron and vitamin b12, i looked like sh**, my hair fell out constantly, i was always cold, my nails were soft, my teeth hurt, i lost my period for 2 years (it came back 3 days ago...yay), i hid away from society, i was never socialable with my friends, i lost interest in sports and active things yet i obsessed with them at the same time, i was tired, i was a bit** to my mom, i was a bit** to my friends, i was just a mess. my friends started to worry but i denied it. when the day came they somewhat understood except one of them ignored me for 3 days cuz i never told her be4. i lied, i hid, i suffered. as well as u. i am recovered now, and plz im not trying to rub it in, but ur day will come. u will eventually open ur eyes and its like a whole new u. thats what happened with me. i remember it 2. i was layin in my bed and thought. "wow. what i am doing really is bad. for now on ill eat. for now on no more bignes. for now on no more searching for diets, no more NO MORE". and vwalla. i have the odd purges now and then and i will for days to come. i am now honest and open about my prob, i went from 80 lbs to 108. im 5'2, 14.

u can do the same. i know u can. my love and support is with u. all of us are. if only we can meet at once and discuss situations face to face. man!

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