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Hey sweetie. ur on the SAME boat as i was on 2 years ago when my bulimia first began. (my name is Sam, im 14 and i began this ED 2 years ago at the age of 12) . my mom never found out till last october so i kept er' secret for a LLOONNG time, which was a BAD IDEA. i consider myself lucky actually. my mom confronted me about it and i cried and denied it, but she kept pushing me into telling the truth so i finally gave up and admitted i had a problem. that had to be one of my best days in my life. the connection between my mom and i was incredible.

now i know how u feel about when "other" people start to find things out. ugh, ppl were talking about it behind my back and it drove me insane. i kept saying they were rumours, that i did eat, blaa blaa...but they were SOO rite, (except they said i was actually bulimic) and yah. it sucked ***. i would cry to my mom saying what the other kids were saying, but she sed "well...u do look ill" and i knew she was rite. so...i told my 4 best friends. they were awesome about it! they no longer forced me to eat but yet they watched me like a dog which pissed me off but i never let that get to me. months went on my mom and i tried stopping it ourselves...didnt happen. so i went to the doc, got blood taken out and needed to be weighed every 2 weeks. Boo. when the results from my blood thinger came i lacked iron and vitamin B12. so i now have to take pills for those..Boo. the doc also gave me anti depressents which helped sumwhat and YES they do give u weird dreams..

well things werent getting ne better so the doc decided to hook me up with a counsellor. man o man was i excited yet nervous...once a month for several months i went to see "Faith". aah, she was my best friend. she was young, beuatiful, and was bulimic for 16 years. so i spilled EVERYTHING. and she knew exactly what i was talking about, she knew everything i was going threw, it was AMAZING. she sent me lil papers about ED's and "how to make me feel better" and whatnot. we watched lil tapes about how ed's ruined sum gurl's lives and how to treat it and blaa blaa was amazing!

well, she hooked me up with a retreat. a 5 day retreat. i was a lil hesitant at first but deep down i wanted to go SOOO bad so i told my mom about it. she told my dad, they agrred and off we went for 5 days in february. i missed several days at 4 friends knew exactly where i was but the other thought i was just at a "family" thing. That retreat worked wonders...i met 8 other wondergul gurls with issues like myself. it was rather triggering but it helped ALOT

to by march i was determined. i havent retricted, binged or purged the WHOLE month. it was the best month ever. its like i never even had a problem. i hung out with my friends, i ate (only healthy foods tho) it was unreal. until april hit. i binged and purged every 3-4 days, i purged alot of my meals, it stunk :(. i have no idea wat triggered it. i guess i missed it? who this time my counsellor got transfered sumewheres else so i dont have her to talk to nemore. that prolly done it. "sigh"...she was an amazing woman and helped me a great deal.

so since april till now i still binge/purge, purge my meals at a constant rate. not daily tho. it used to be daily, not nemore, its more like every 2 - 4 days. i went off my pills in march cuz i thought i was better. MISTAKE. so im back on meds. everyone knows about my prob and i dont give a hoot. i actually talk about it to every1. im no longer embarressed. its a disorder, sh** happens. ppl asked me if it was true and im like YuP!

im 5'2 and in september i weighed 80 lbs. Ew sam ew. it is now July and i weigh 106. Booyah. thats unreal progress..and even tho i purge now and then, doesnt mean i ma not getting better. my look towards mybody is amazing, im actually happy with what i accomplished and im gonna work at this until its finally beat.

what im really trying to get at is..

1. tell ur folks

2. go see the doc

3. counsellors rule

4. meds actualyl so help and gives unreal dreams.

and stay on these boards hun...they help a great deal.

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