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Re: Missed Period
Jul 13, 2005
Oh Hannie I know exactly what you are going through.

What I write is what we BOTH should be doing, but unfortunatly I can't get it together to listen to my own advice either. Its so hard.

I just dont want you to go through everything that I have and currently are still going through:( I just got back from vacation also and I was restricting so bad b/f i left I was down to 105 (my normal is like 110) I was so nervous to see all the people I havent seen since I was VERY sick, 90 lbs. Everyone said I looked so beautiful and I was happy I really was but I was in a bikini the whole trip and just hanging out with friends and I hardly ate anything. I got back and weighed my self and I am 95!!!!!! So not good for me. I just slipped I forget that I have a sickness and I need to really watch myself when I start to loose weight b/c I dont know when to stop!! This is so frusterating.

I just really want you to know that I know what you are going through, the constant battle in you head and body that you are not skinny enough and everything will be OK if you could just be thin enough, but honestly hun I dont think it ever happens!!

You are on my mind and I really hope you keep eating even just 500 cal. b/c 91 is way to low and you should not loose any more. Our bodies need food you can do this hun I know you can. Take it one day at a time. I have been tring to eat a little more since I have got back too get some of my strenght back again, its been a while since I have slipped like that bad. At a higher weight (still way low for 5'4) but I really notice my skin, nails, hair EVERYTHING looks so much better, everyone tells me I just cant always see it myself, but I am tring and we can do this.

Jade :angel:

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