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honey, me heart goes out to you! i'm doing nearly the exact same thing (and i've also eaten ALL the fig newtons in one sitting! amongst tons of other binge foods! they're so friggin' dry!!!) none of my clothes fit anymore either, and man, IT SUCKS!!! so, i guess i'm just saying i know how shi**y you feel about yourself (both physically and mentally) and i know how daunting and impossible this seems to get over. but you can do it!

Here's my suggestions (and i'm wearing no shining gold medal of a binge free life. my last one was 6 days ago, so i feel like i'm doing great, but that's not even a week! but here's what i'd say)

1. Get help. i know you don't want to and you think you can do this on your own, but you can't. it's too big and too hard and it's just going to get worse to where you're binging every night for weeks at a time (believe me, i've been there and it's f***ing horrible.)

2. Check out "Overcoming Binge Eating" (i forget the author). it's actually a self-help book, but i read it just for information and ideas. (i still HIGHLY recommend getting professional help) It helps you realize that the stuff you do is not freakish, and it gives you some good ideas.

3. On this one, i'm going to disagree with what Aleash said. the number one goal here is for you to stop binging, and at least for me, and few healthy snacks and possibly a lunch and a ton of diet coke and water would NOT do it. you need good food so you're not hungry and tempted. (i also needed a little dessert even, so i wouldn't feel totally deprived and go out and buy an entire apple pie plus eat two ice cream sandwiches plus more of that da*n peanut butter!) you need meals and snacks so you feel good, even if they're relatively (but not outrageously) low calorie overall.

(Sorry if this is triggering, but i'll tell you my plan and you could maybe try that. it's about 1200 calories, which seems like a ton with ED, but it's really just the amount that our bodies need to function. plus, eating 1200 a day is not going to make you gain weight; it's the binging that will do that. so, try to let your body have at least this much (or more if you can handle it). Just think, would i rather eat 1400 today and feel good or try to eat only 800, binge, take in like 5000, and feel like *****?)

Here it is:

Breakfast: oatmeal, english muffin with jam, cereal, 1/2 bagel with cream cheese
Mid-morning Snack: fat free yogurt (or other 1/2 of bagel if i only ate 1/2 before) (TOTAL: 240-260 calories)

Lunch: sandwich (light turkey, american cheese, brown mustard) and carrot sticks
Afternoon Snack: pretzels, low fat animal crackers, two rice cakes or a Chewy granola bar (TOTAL: 350-360)

Dinner: this meal i totally vary so i don't get too bored, but i keep it between 430 and 450 calories)
Dessert: low fat ice cream sandwich, 3 small cookies (like Oreo), 6 Hershey's Kisses, or light mini bag popcorn (TOTAL: 130-160)

Anyway, with those four "meals" I end up around 1200. It keeps me pretty full most of the time, but now i'm taking a baby step and adding one apple in my afternoon (because i KNOW this is not enough). I'm not saying this plan is 100% by any means. I've binged TONS while trying to stick to it, but it might be somewhere for you to start.

sorry this was so long, but i really feel that we're going through the same thing and i want to help you. good luck and think about therapy! i just started and i'm so excited to beat this thing!


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