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hey hun, I think that it is am amazing accomplishment to have told your husband what was going on. I tried to live in the dark for so long, and everyone found out on their own, (anorexic and drastically lost a lot of weight). I only wish I had the courage that you do to reach out for help. I have told my best friend, and I dont know what I would do without him knowing, I mean my best friend is now gone, but he knew. I loved having that one friend that u knew would love u no matter what u say or do and will never judge u knowing the thing that makes you ffeel the worse. because it was like somehow when i was with him he could life my spirits so much more after he knew that he did before. I think its just more of a comfort to have ur best friend walking beside u no matter how rocky the road Its all up to you, but I would probably tell her, you dont have to tell her everything, but if u feel that she would help u through this, and he it be easier on you i would tell her, also if she would find out later on she is going to be angry that you never told her especially, after all, she is your best friend right? what would you want if the tables were turned, if u were her and she was the one struggling with this, u would want to be there for her right? u should clue her in and let her be there for you. keep your head up hun

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