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Hi Jonistyle2
I am in the exact same boat you are. Out of the last 11 days I only had 2 binge/purges that were 4 days ago, It's a huge step for me because out of the last 17 years, the only times I wasn't purging 3-5times per day was when I was hospitalized and even then I managed to get a few in. I am doing the same thing you are, keeping track of all my food and alloting a certain calorie allowance for the day. I am 85 lbs, 5 feet tall and my goal is to get to 90 lbs. Multiply the healthy weight you want to be by 16 and that is how many calories you should need to maintain that weight , and I try to kep my fat grams at 20% of those calories. If you are exercising a lot, and weight training to build muscle, then you can actually eatmore and weight training is good, because although muscle weighs more than fat, it takes up less space on your body. I am slowly incorporating my calorie allotment, because my body isn't used to digesting all of those calories in one day. My therapist agrees with this too, and he is an ED specialist. My advice about restaurants is this. Allow yourself to become a picky, "high maintenance customer", as long as you tip well, your server won't care. When I was actively, tenaciously bulemic, restaurants were no problem, because I could order everything as is. But now I am more aware, so I ask for dressings on the side, meats prepared without oils an fats and I ask for extra lemon to put on salads and veggies and seafoods, which adds flavor and adds vitamin C. Try finding websites that list calorie content of all foods that has the fat and calorie content for everything, including restaurants. I have found it helpful. I have been out to eat for lunches 3 times, once at Chilis and twice at some local places and was able to do what I suggested and got through all my meals perfectly. I was also able to have those meals with a friend who knows about my ed and totally suports my recovery, so that helps me a lot.
I hope some of this helps. Good luck and let me know how you are doing. :wave:

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