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Re: Fight Club!
Aug 18, 2005
Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been out of commission for the past few days. I've been super busy with work and rehearsal (my show opens next Friday!), and I haven't had time to write. I just caught up on all the posts and i've missed out on so much! Even though i want to respond to all of you with everything you've posted since i've last been here, i know that would make my message SUPER long, so i'll just do a little brief thing:

Anterrabrae -
Congratulations on eating more (like me!) I agree, it's SO much harder than I thought it would be! (even though i know this is what i want!) I feel like I'm always eating, I'm always full, I'm never hungry and therefore, I feel i'm eating too much and going to gain weight. It sucks, but I'm hoping it'll start feeling normal after a week or so. I just try to remind myself that *most* of the food I'm eating is healthy and nutritious, so it's okay that it seems like a lot to me, because it's good for my body.
p.s.- I know what you mean about the PopTarts! for me it's packaged hostess chocolate donuts! totally retarded, but i'm WAY more comfortable with those than going out and getting bakery donuts! congrats though on expanding the food choices . . . we've gotta start somewhere!

Music Note -
Sorry your having such a rough time with SI. I know it seems embarrasing to you, but remember that we will NEVER judge you. we just want you to be happy and healthy! congrats on eating more, and i'm sure the diarrhea will pass ("pass," lol!). i've been going #2 a lot more lately too! (i think it's because i'm eating more . . . at least i hope that's all it is!)

Bkfree -
girl, you've posted so much, i don't even know where to start! i want to respond to them all, but i'm forcing myself to be relatively brief: HUGE congrats on breakfast! i'm so proud of you, especially because you chose carbs. those really are the BEST thing to have before exercise, because they're what fuels your body. if you don't eat some carbs before AND after exercise, you can do some damage to your body, so nice work, girl! As far as the milk of magnesia, if you don't think it's purging (which i think you don't), then neither do i. as long as it doesn't become habit, it's fine once every few months or whatever, whenever you *need* it. to keep yourself regular, try to eat lots of fiber and small meals throughout the day . . . i know it's what they always say, but it really helps me go "#2." try fruits with skin, veggies, oats, whole grains, potatoes with skin, and also make sure you get enough fat. all the fiber foods help a ton, but i find that, when i don't have enough fat, i still have troubles! good luck!

Maggie -
In terms of your first meal, try to think of it as light nourishment because you haven't eaten in 8 hours and your body needs some fuel to wake up. (i feel like that sounds dopey, because i'm sure you've heard it a million times.) also, it WILL jump start your metabolism, which is great! I'd stick to healthy and light foods until you get used to it, and also consider breaking "breakfast" into two small meals throughout the morning. then maybe you won't dread the first "half" so much.

Snitter -
i never noticed you screwed up my name, so no biggie! glad you're back. i know it's hard to do ANYTHING when you're feeling down, but remember, we love you!

Anyway, i've gotta stop, this is too long! but i just wanted you all to know i've missed you and i've been thinking about you! have a good, ed-free day!

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