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Hello friends
Please suggest some ways to recover from bulimia????
I am really getting sick of it and trying to find ways to get out of it.
Please help
Are you by yourself when you feel the need to purge?
If so, call someone, invite someone over, surround yourself with people so that you won't run to the toilet.
Next, distance yourself as far away from the toilet/sink as possible. I know it sounds crazy, but it's not exactly like you're gonna puke on the sidewalk in front of people, now are ya?
Also, do you puke on just anything you eat, or after you've binged?
What are your triggers? Recognize them and that way, it might be easier the next time you feel the urge to purge.
I hope this helps. Sorry to ramble.

all the best,
Are you seeing a councillor/therapist, or someone who understands and knows that you are bulimic? Having support in your efforts to change can be really helpful.
Read as much as you can about Bulimia, knowledge is power.
But most of all try not to be too hard or judgemental of yourself, is it a very tough condition to break, I had it for 13 years. But with patience and perserverance you can recover.
I agree, surround yourself with people. I know I wouldn't throw up if I had guests over. Definitely.
Well uh, parents are kind of different. I sneak around that, sadly. But
will help a lot. just being there.
Check out the posts from Snitter and myself, bkfree, we have a little healthy competition going on right now. Surrounding yourself with people, but think of yourself as a sponge right now. The people and places you surround yourself should be positive, not negative, so you can absorb that positive energy. I have been trying to do that and it is working.
Lots of things can help, like others have suggested not being alone after you eat, staying away from bathrooms, ect.

But really I think the only thing that helps is feeling better about yourself. Exercising, eating well (you can still eat well at breakfast and lunch even if you are binging/puring at dinner) and surrounding yourself with things that you love. Therapy may help and I suggest you look into it.

Find something you are truly passionate about (other than you ED) and devote yourself to that thing. You need something to focus on other than you bulimia, which is very hard, I know.
it is hard to surround myself with friends as i hardly have. I am all to myself and also i am scared of making friends coz a point comes when they wanna go out and eat and i wanna stay away from that and if they discover that i am bulimic they will give me weird look coz they are normal i am not!!!!!
Seldon Sick-
I just wanted to say that actully most people who are your ture friends won't think your werid for being bulimic. Trust me I know, many of my firends know about my ED. It's hard to live in a house with a bunch of girls and not have them find out when you all share a bathroom. My friends didn't think I was werid at all, they were just conserend about me and wanted to help. I think you will find that the firends you have right now would feel the same way. People might not udnerstand what ED is, and how it affects us, but I doubt they will put you down or make fun of you for having it. As far as worrying about going out and eating with them I completly udnerstand that feeling, I would always try to avoid going out with my friends but then realized it made me more depressed to sit at home and miss out on a good time. Try going out with them but just order something you are comfortable eating like a salad, or a chicken sandwhich and a soup. Also someone suggested on aontehr post that you can order a dish eat half of it then get a to-go box. This way you still get to be social, eat with your freinds, but not feel overwhelmed eating a ton of food. I hope this kind of helps, know that everyone on this site is here for you, and even though I don't personally know anyone I do consider the girls on this site firends. They have helped me through some hard things, and if you ever need somewhere to turn you can come here!!!!:)

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