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Re: Dying Inside
Aug 3, 2005
Oh honey, please don't think that she intentionally said that to hurt you. As I see it people always try to say something about our looks when they see us. For example, "you look like you have gained weight and you look great" that will be taken as "Oh, you have gained weight you fat pig, stop eating" Unfortunately our distorted self image and mind take a spin and veiw things so negatively. I think your friend may have said that in a concerned way. I told an old friend once long ago that she looked great cause she had gained a couple of pounds and she never spoke to me again. Now I realise why but at the time I was so hurt and never thought how I must have hurt her.
Don't let a comment ruin a relationship instead tell her how hurt you are and tell her how hard this has been for you.
I'm so worried about you, it has taken you so long to get this far and I really don't want to see you spiral back into your old ways. Promise me you won't. Please ....
You are not fooling yourself you are not fat you are beautiful and you deserve to be happy just like everyone else.
We love you honey please take care or yourself, it's not worth getting upset over a small comment that was not intended the way you think. If she knows your past and she knows what you have been through she probably didn't think you would take it that way. Remember her priority is her friend, anorexia is the enemy who is taking her friend away.

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