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Snitter: "the thing is, you have to remember you wouldn't have even WANTED to eat everything in sight before you became bulimic." I think i repeated that line about 8142298 times in my head today. I dont know why it stuck with me so much, it's just such a great perspective on binging that I never had.

maggie! it's good to know there will be people to balance me on my insane days and people for me to balance on MY sane's ALSO good to know that other people actually have sane and insane days like me! not that I wish that upon ANYONE, i'm just glad I'm not alone ya know?

And trust me, I always love encouranging people I just feel like it's pointless when i can't even practice what I preach. So for now, all I'm going to do is relate here and learn, throw in my 2 cents here and there... cause lately, i've been having so many "insane" days I dont know what to do with myself! It's so funny because I feel so NORMAL in my day to day experiences with people and what-not...but alas when you get down to it, here I am ranting about my insanity about how I cant keep food down. Ask anyone who knows me and they wouldnt ever fact, this is weird but I just talked to my mom for a half hour today about how bad my best friend is stuggling with [I]her[/I] ED (she had to drop out of college for the year)...and she told me how glad she is to see me "healthy" AHHH that made me feel badddd! I'm fooling my own mom (dad brother EVERYONE) into the idea that I've recovered. Inside I'm thinking: "Just because I'm not a sickly weight does not mean I dont have an ED, I'm actually worse than ever!" Only my BF and best friend know I'm still sick, and of couse you guys. Welcome to my sacred circle lol!

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