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Actully you two where a really big help. I used to eat oatmeal all the time for breakfeast and got kind of burnt out on it, but eventully I will probally start eating it again. Its werid but I get stuck on one type of food that I eat like everyday for a couple months and get completly burnt out on it. I think its becuase I am so obsessed with counting my calories that if I know exactly what I am eating everyday I can make sure its the same amount. I really liked all of your sugesstions joinstyle, I am really into the whole health food thing. I tend to eat alot of vegs. and soy. The idea of wraps are really good, I haven't really done that one before. Do you just use like flour tortias or something else, becuase tortias have alot of calories in them. I am really scared of carbs, I know that might be dumb but sense I dont eat dairy or meat I feel like carbs are the only thing for me, and I am scared I will gain weight if I just eat that. The pre packed foods are good, but I kind of feel guilty eating thoses bars becuase to me its like eating a candie bar, and I used to eat slim fast all the time but it made me really sick (has alot of dairy in it). Any more suggestions on dishes I could greatly use. When I'm living by myself in college I am tottaly overwhelmed when it comes to grocery shopping. I never know what to buy. Also if you have any suggestions on low calorie desserts that I could make I would also appricate it. I tend to binge on fatty treats then throw it up, and I am trying to get away from that and jsut allow my self a healthier treat that I can keep down. I really want to start eating healthy and not being bulimic all the time, so thank you for all the suggestions, I REALLY appricate it!!!!!!!!!!

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