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Ok so I went to see a dietician for the first time today. 2+ years of an ED and never been to a dietician. So I saw her today and it was really interesting. So I learned I'm only eating like 1200 calories a day plus running 5 miles and lifting weights, etc. She said that 1200 cals is enough to maintain a 5ft tall person who is laying in bed and not moving. Well that's not me cause on top of my activity level I'm also 5 6. So that was a big shock. We talked about all kinds of stuff. I like her, it was good, I think. I guess I'm not really very recovered huh :(.
Well just wanted to share.

Lauren - I just sent the search party out for you on the fight clubs post......Im so happy for you , not that you are not recovered, but that you we to the dietician. Isn't it interesting how we think or want to, that we are doing so much better than we really are as far as calories and exercise. The experts are always the best experts for everyone else it seems. So you either need to think about changing a few things or lose 6 inches eh? ( this is supposed to be a smart *** comment :) ) I am mostly posting on the fight club because I can NOT deal with all the focus on some of the posts about help me but I am still going to starve, help me but I am still going to throw up because it makes me want to go and starve, and all the BMI and weight expertise that is repeated over and over and over, YIKES EEK , I'd give just about anything to not ever care about that again in my life time.. ok rambling again.... thinking of you
well hey. you like your dietician, and you're learning all about what's right for you and how healthy you can be... i dunno. sounds like you're definately on to something here. i hope future visits are as enlightening.

Hey Lauren. I'm glad you went to see the dietician. I had the same kind of experience when I went. Sort of thinking that I was doing better than I actually was, mostly because I'm better now than I used to be.. but it's still just not normal. I hope you keep working with her. Keep up the fight.
rock on, lauren! i'm so proud of you for making that step!! isn't it wild how what we think it "pretty close to healthy" can be so out of wack?!?! i was eating 1200 for awhile (before i started therapy), and now i'm like, what?! how did i live on that!?!? (i'm a runner too and 6 feet tall! eek! seriously unhealthy). now i'm eating more (thank God), and i'm also realizing how many more calories my body can handle. it's a good feeling. i think the dietician will be really good for you. my therapist does it for me and she's really good about small increases in my diet and then letting me stay there for a week or two until i feel comfortable about it. it's nice to have that guidance. just be honest and make sure you don't agree to anything you won't actually do. huge congratulations!!

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