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if it is 97 lb, then you're a significantly underweight. have you been to a doctor at any time recently? they can offer some good medical advice and asses whether your weight is okay or not.

as far as the other issues, do you still get your period? (not getting it is a MAJOR sign that your body isn't functioning properly) do you eat 3 meals a day plus snacks? are there foods you won't eat because they're "unhealthy" or "fattening?" do you think about food excessively? do you eat when you're hungry and at that time, do you eat what you want? do you worry about weight and the way you look often?

eating disorders are more related to the stuff going on inside than what's actually happening with your weight, even though the weight is the driving, visual representation of an eating disorder. i wouldn't worry too much if you lost weight a few years ago, you were just starting puberty and our bodies go a little nuts at that time. i lost weight when i hit puberty too, but it wasn't anything unhealthy, my body was just changing. but, your weight is very low and the sick feeling might just be coming from the fact that you've conditioned your stomach to feel "full" at a point that doesn't let you eat enough. i'd recommend seeing a dietician/therapist as well as a doctor if you're worried. if you're okay, you'll only have to go once which won't be bad at all, and if you're not, they can help you! i'm sure your parents would be glad to take you because it seems like they're concerned, and it might give you some piece of mind. Good luck!

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