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Re: Feeling fat
Aug 25, 2005
i understand how you feel. i see all flab and fat when i look in the mirror, yet everyone around me tells me i need to gain atleast another 5 pounds to look healthy. ive pretty much said this before on a different thread, but ill say it again- to make it a bit easier to eat, i just remind myself that the scale doesnt lie, so if it says im underweight, im underweight. i try not to spend too much time in front of the mirror. also, i tell myself that it's OKAY to stuff my face and eat as much as i want atleast until i get my period back, because i still dont have it yet.
for me, as time goes by, it actually becomes a lot easier and easier to eat normally. ive changed from a girl who would rather DIE than eat a huge plate of lasagna, to a girl who eats it and then feels somewhat guilty about it, which is much more normal!

you're not a fat whale. dont ever think that way about yourself. you are a beautiful, unique woman with a long life ahead of you and you dont deserve to be plagued by this horrible disease.
Re: Feeling fat
Aug 26, 2005
I know how you feel too.. I feel fat all the time.. and I always see a fat person in the mirror, even if the scale is telling me something different..

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