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Hi Casey

I can totally relate to what you are going through. A low grade antidepressant MIGHT help you...or it might not. I think too often doctors prescribe AD when they are out of options and think the patient is just depressed. In face lots of docs want to prescribe AD's for CFS, although they have not been proven to help at all. CFS is tricky and I am not an expert but here is what I have been told....I hope they let me post this here as it DOES reate to eating disorders in a ways, since we have both dealt with bulimia...

First, once you have mono the virus NEVER goes away (epstein barr virus) and. Also, just because you test positive for mono does not mean you currently have it, it could just mean you had it in the past. I have tested positive for mono for over a year, but my doc told me that doesn't mean I currently have 'active' mono.

Many people develope CFS after they have mono and "never got over" their mono. However many people who DIDN'T have mono develope CFS for no apparent reason. Some people are just predisposed to developing CFS, and I believe my bulimia probably has a lot to do with it.

I had fatigue long before I was finally so sick I got mono and couldn't hardly roll over in bed.

Since there is no blood test for CFS and no know cure, most docs don't like to make the diagnosis...mine finally did last week.

I would try out vitamins and supplements before trying an AD. Rest and positive thoughts and healthy eating and plenty of rest.

I also have horrible isomnia and though I am tired all the time, I rarely sleep without a prescription sleep aid.

Are you completely over you bulimia??

Hope some of this helps...

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