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Hey Mike

I am a nine year bulimic. I also am of the mind that I am either going to have to beat it or it will kill me...eventually. I haven't found a way to stop yet. I can go a few days, maybe a week, but then I binge again. I have also started gaining weight in the last year. I know bulimia can screw up the metabolism. Also, you might be gaining weight because you aren't throwing up all the food you eat (which is nearly impossible) and your body still absorbs the digestable fat and calories. That's why people who do "two hour binges" usually gain enters the small intestine quickly and can't be thrown up after that. Are you throwing up every day, everything you eat??
Can you buy your own personal insurance?? Are you looking to go to inpatient treatment for your bulimia or outpatient??
I am sure the blackout is ED related since it happened right after a purge. Have you had any dizziness, shortness of breath, or chest pains??
I also have crippling insomnia..have been on sleeping pills since age 15. I have had it since I was a toddler.
About your teeth..there is something called PerioRinse that prevents dental erosion. I use it, I think you have to get it at a dentist. Or you can get Act2 (not regular Act) fluoride mouth rinse. Don't brush right after a binge. Eat something small first, then lightly brush, then do the fluoride.

Have you looked into support groups?? They are free....remember this is also a support group! So keep in touch as we are all here to listen.

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