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[COLOR=Magenta]armed with 6 books from the library title all relating to bulimia/ana recovery - i begin a new phase of my recovery - putting healthy food in my mouth daily uggh it's hard and changing my destructive ana/mia voice[/COLOR]

It's time for me to get serious about positive change. It's time for me to kick mia to curb...god how do you say "good-bye" for ever??? me either.

But as I begin this i will post my findings to all, and share what i find to be the most useful of all the info/books i sourced. We need to form a posie, we need to do this together - fight to win -

[COLOR=DarkRed]I need to get serious with beating my bulimia, I haven't been trying very hard lately...ok, you guys make me tell it like it is, i have being slack. I have purposely 'forgotten' meals, I have tried to purge but couldn't...and i had thoughts of laxiattives but that's when my books arrived i have someone watching out over me sending me messages that i have to get better, i have to eat normally even it takes 6 months to finally be able to do it ~ i will~[/COLOR]


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