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[COLOR=Magenta]armed with 6 books from the library title all relating to bulimia/ana recovery - i begin a new phase of my recovery - putting healthy food in my mouth daily uggh it's hard and changing my destructive ana/mia voice[/COLOR]

It's time for me to get serious about positive change. It's time for me to kick mia to curb...god how do you say "good-bye" for ever??? me either.

But as I begin this i will post my findings to all, and share what i find to be the most useful of all the info/books i sourced. We need to form a posie, we need to do this together - fight to win -

[COLOR=DarkRed]I need to get serious with beating my bulimia, I haven't been trying very hard lately...ok, you guys make me tell it like it is, i have being slack. I have purposely 'forgotten' meals, I have tried to purge but couldn't...and i had thoughts of laxiattives but that's when my books arrived i have someone watching out over me sending me messages that i have to get better, i have to eat normally even it takes 6 months to finally be able to do it ~ i will~[/COLOR]

Shining Star,

I havent posted in a while, b/c ive had to distance myself for a bit in order to recover, but to return to find such a positive post made me so happy. Im so happy to see that you are so positive and optimistic about your recovery and have armed yourself with some of the tools necessary in order to be successfull. Books are a great source of information, aswell as these boards. Im glad you have found comfort and support here, i know i did when i was giong through a really difficult time.

The point of this post is to say im happy for you. Recovery is a long hard road, and it comes with lots of ups and downs, but it is 100% worth it to live a free life. Living free of your ED is the greatest feelin in the world. I wont lie, somedays i still wake up and have a hrad time accepting myself, but i remember how much happier i am, regardless of my weight.

Your struggle will help others, it helped me so much to read about people who were trying to do the same thign i was, and knowing that when i messed up, it wasnt just me who did. So good luck on your journey, and keep on posting!


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