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Re: Wife needs help
Nov 16, 2005

First, let me say how sorry I am about your wife's cancer..and wish her a full recovery.

A bad experience in therapy can prevent a person from ever seeking help again (unfortuantly)....but I think that if you wife gets the right kind of help, it will benefit her tremendously.

First, how is she dealing with the hysterectomy? That can be very tramatic, can leave a person feeling powerless (as can having a terrible disease such as cancer). She might be turing to her ED because it is the only thing she feels like she can control. Was she bulimic before she had the hysterectomy??

I would look into support groups for women who had cancer or women who had hysterectomys. Also a support group or a specialist who deals with ED. You wife isn't just bulimic; she is dealing with a tramatic event in her life. ALL her issues need to be addressed before her ED can be treated. Bulimia is many times a coping mechanism for other things in a persons life.

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