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I highly, highly recomend topamax for those with eating disorders such as binge eating, but not for the average dieter. It's great for controlling your appetite and it definately does its job and well, but not without side effects. The side effects like slight numbness of the lips at times goes away in a few weeks. I'm not bulimac, but here's my experience on topamax.

Topomax is not a diet pill, its serious medicine with a lot of side of effects, and its expensive. It'll make you stupidier than a box of rocks and make your hands and feet tingle until they hurt. It's usually prescibed for seizures or to prevent migraine headaches. It's also prescribed instead of neurotin for nerve pain, which was why I was given it for a few months when I had foot surgery. Off the label, it is prescibed for weight loss, which is why I lost 30 pounds in six months while on it, a pound a week.

I could't even fill out a grocery list the first day, my thinking was so slow. I also was very tired. This cleared up after a day or two. Fast conversations still went over me like a blur for weeks. One good side effect is that it makes all pop taste salty and imposible to drink. My hands and feet tingled for about 6 weeks then finally stopped. They felt like they were asleep alot.

I was on 200 mg of topamax and my appetite was nill. I had to remind myself to eat. And when I did eat, I could only finish half on my plate. I used to get headaches if I skipped a meal and suddenly, I went most of the day without eating. I think I could have easily gotten an eating disorder if I continued. I was losing weight pretty quickly for doing absolutely nothing.

Some people complain that topamax makes them tired and it defintely did at first. I overcame that by taking 150 mg of wellbutrin along with it. After my foot healed and I was no longer couchbound, I stopped taking the topamax. I didn't gain anything back, because I was already eating lowfat and I starting walking again to keep it off.

I have mixed feeling about topamax. I think its great at controlling appetite and portion sizes and those addicted to pop. And its much safe than surgery. But, if you don't eat right and exercise, you might just gain it all back. Although I think a person would get used to putting less on his or her plate.

If you do decide to try it, do it while on vacation. And be prepared for EVERYBODY to tell you to stop taking it. Mostly because your spacing out on their conversations in the beginning weeks. Like I said, your mental sharpness goes to normal the longer your on it.

Some will love Topamax, others will hate it. Most people quit too soon before the side effects go away.

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