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You can do this sweetie... Look in the Yellow Pages under Therapists or Counseling. Some will be individuals within their own offices and some within clinics. Some will specialize within eating disorders. They usually will be listed in the phone book, either in a clinic grouping or under Eating Disorder Counseling or Eating Disorder Therapy.

I have been able to stop the laxative abuse. It took me a very long time to do it but I did it. It was awful. For years I took them like they were candy. My body appears to be okay so far. I feel fortunate right now but time will tell down the road. Get off those laxatives. A therapist (tdoc) will be able to help you work throught this with behavioral therapy. They can set you up with a pdoc (psyciatrist) who can help with meds if needed. There are meds out there that work for eating disorder patients that are specialized for bulimia that work wonders. I take meds for my bulimia. There are many different kinds of meds for bulimia. Believe me, you will feel much better. Just talking about things will help you feel 100% better.

There was a day when I was once in your shoes, and I too, am 5'4 and once was exactly in the same spot where you are at. You can put a stop to this. :)

Take care of yourself and believe in yourself!!! :angel:



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