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Feb 10, 2006
Being new to this board, and never ever having the opportunity to hear the stories of others who experience and understand this whole thing...I'd LOVE to kind of get a brief summary of some of your experiences.

I've been reading post after post after post and am SO encouraged by seeing what you guys are sharing.

Would anyone mind just kind of giving a short summary of how you got caught up in the bulimia?

I started getting heavy in the 4th grade. By the sixth grade, my mom seemed really worried about me. She and my grandma were always "encouraging" me about my weight, etc. They meant well. It was in a spirit of caring. My mom even took me to the doctor and I was put on some kind of "diet pill" for a while. Must have been amphetamines! It was in the 60's.

After that, I was a compulsive dieter, counting every bite and every calorie. At age 18, I somehow just discovered that throwing up worked. I started losing weight like I'd never lost before. Everywhere I went I was getting compliments and "wows" about how much weight I'd lost.

Then, I guess it became addiction. I was severely bulimic for the next 8 - 10 years. And struggled with it ever since. The past 5 years I've made more progress than I've EVER made before. Going months without throwing up or bingeing. For a long time I got to where I really wasn't thinking all that much about food. And thought I was "free". Seemed like I was eating whatever I wanted, and actually didn't gain any weight. Then some things changed, and I did gain a little bit, and that put me back into the struggle more.

As long as I never gained any weight, I was ok. So, I guess it wasn't really "GONE"...just controlled somehow. Still trying to figure it out.

I'm married and have a WONDERFUL husband who does his best to understand my food issues. But I've never had anyone who has been there, and REALLY DOES understand.

Anyway, didnt' mean to go so long. I'd love to hear some of your stories!!!!

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