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Don't worry about it, Joni! I'm just being psycho lately about posting and I think I almost need to wean myself from these boards - haha. It's good to get reassurance and comfort from everyone here, but I also think I just freak out about things that are really petty and post about them hastily.

Anyway, I am definitely feeling better today, but I think part of the reason I'm feeling better is because I took a little more control over my food. Today I woke up and went for a small jog (I know, I know). Then I had some coffee with milk and then did yoga 11-1230. When I got home I made brunch - lowfat cottage cheese with a banana cut up, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and flax seed. Oh, and a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. As a late afternoon snack I had a strip of grilled fajita chicken and 3 FF kraft singles. For dinner I had baba ganoush (sort of like hummus) with 1 triangle of pita bread (the pita bread was really oily!) and a chopped chicken salad with olives, chicken, tomatoes, and FF dressing. I also ate my dad's 2 pizza crusts. And then I had sour patch kids at the movies.
I know that I skimped early in the day, but overall I feel like I ate a lot...

My dad suggested getting frozen yogurt after dinner (which, honestly, I would eat every single night after dinner if I had my way), but I got mad and said "no, dad, we don't need to get it every single night!" But I think the reason I got angry is because I really DID want it and I was mad that I couldn't have it (b/c I wouldn't let myself). Has that ever happened to you?

Don't apologize for posting your calories. It has not affected me negatively - I promise. If anything it makes me realize how much I can be eating because of my height and need to gain weight, etc... I mean, most likely my metabolism is different from yours, but there's the slight possibility that it is the same!...i hope! Haha.

I also have this thing with the time of day that I eat. I like to eat breakfast at breakfast time, lunch at lunchtime, etc. If I'm hungry at 4 I make myself wait until a reasonable dinnertime hour b/c I can't stand the thought of eating at a random time like that. It's really weird!

One more thing and then I'll stop - haha - we are quite a pair! Do you take any vitamins? I am taking tons (and have been for a while). My Dr. did an extensive blood workup and it showed what I am missing so I take: DHEA, Trace Minerals, Omega-3, CoQ10, B vitamins, and Borage oil. Oh and I also take those calcium chews and vitamin C. That's so much!!

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