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Re: Binger
Feb 16, 2006
okay, i had MAJOR problems with binging (and overcame them), so i think i can help. first of all, you need a meal plan. you can make it yourself, but it MUST include 3 meals, 2 snacks to have between the meals and one dessert/snack for after dinner. you need to set times when you are going to eat these meals/snacks and you need to do your best to stick to these times. establish the meal plan in advance and eat ONLY what you planned on eating. yes, this is gonna be really tough, but i promise, it gets easier. but it only gets easier if you stick to it through the tough times. make sure you're not creating a restrictive meal plan either. you need to make it healthy, but more importantly it needs to be A) enough food and B) include foods/treats you really enjoy so you don't feel deprived and end up binging.

then you need to keep a food journal. write down what and when you eat each day, but more importantly write down how you FEEL about it. are you anxious? stressed? happy? feeling tempted to binge? keep track of these things and try to identify triggers for your binges. binging is caused by emotional/mental stuff going on, so you need to look for how your feelings connect to when you feel tempted to binge. also, IF you binge and break your set meal plan, get back on track as quickly as possible (ideally with the next meal). restricting or starving yourself because you binged only makes the likelihood of you binging again even higher. you need to TRUST that your body weight will settle out after you start eating in response to your body and after you stop binging. (and it will, i lost ALL of my binge weight over like 1-2 months)

finally, expect that you're gonna binge again and learn to cope with it. it WILL go away (urges and everything), but not at first. you'll have little slip-ups, but the most important thing is to get back on track and keep trying. also, start finding things you can do that either A) keep you from binging or B) help you stop binging once you've started. once i would start, i could NEVER stop, so here's some of the things i did to help me avoid binging when i was feeling the urge REALLY strong. (basically, you HAVE to distract your mind. the urge will pass, but you gotta get your mind on something else. sometimes it goes away in like 10 minutes, sometimes it takes like an hour, so no, it's NOT easy, but you CAN do it)

when i felt the urge, i would do these things to try to avoid binging (also, it's really hard to motivate yourself to do these things when you want to binge, sometimes you gotta go against your will):
1/2 hour shower (can't eat in there!)
long walk with headphones (music really helps. sometimes i had to not bring my wallet so i wouldn't buy any binge food)
reading a book (TV wasn't mind-consuming enough for me)
calling a friend who talks A LOT (it'll keep you on the phone long enough for the urge to pass)
putting a stack of chairs in front of the kitchen (this one really worked for me, cuz i'd think, "if you are SERIOUSLY gonna climb over those chairs to get to food, then you are a LOSER." then i'd laugh at myself!)
doing a puzzle or coloring in a coloring book (weird i know, but anything that requires FOCUS seems to work well)

a couple more helpful tips i've thought of while writing this:
get ALL binge food out of your house immediately. for me, things that were too tempting included: miniature chocolates (obviously, i'd eat like 30!), ice cream (i'd just scoop it straight from the container, it was too easy to think i could just have "a little"), peanut butter (same thing), little debbie treats (they were too cheap, so they seemed "disposable" - i could eat them all and only pay $1 for another box). i really did get rid of them all and live without ice cream and peanut butter for a couple months, cuz i KNEW if i had it around i'd binge on it. (and now i've got ALL that stuff in the house and i'd NEVER binge on it, so just toss it for now!!! you'll get to have it soon!) i DID keep things i liked around, i just kept them in forms where i'd be less likely to binge on them. like, i had ice cream sandwiches instead of a carton of ice cream (that way a binge couldn't start from thinking i'd have just "one small spoonful." if i wanted more i had to invest in a whole IC sandwich, and i usually didn't want to do that). or, i'd buy expensive cookies so i'd be less tempted to waste them on a binge. things like that really helped.

one more quick thing is to STAY BUSY. this is extremely important, cuz the less free, unplanned alone time you have, the less time you have to binge. i ALWAYS binged at night, so i had to basically plan every minute of my nights so i wouldn't have time to binge. make plans with friends/family, plan to clean, plan to sew, plan to walk, plan whatever but PLAN to stay busy!!! the times i felt tempted to binge were when i was just sitting around with nothing to do. then i had time to think about food and the urges would usually win out. the busier i was the better i did.

anyway, good luck. this is gonna be REALLY hard at first, but just be patient and forgiving with yourself and do your best every day. you will overcome it and you will look and feel FABULOUS! good luck!
Re: Binger
Feb 16, 2006
thankyou so much for that massive is really appreciated that u spent the time to talk to me and give me help. unfortunately i live with my parents so i cant throw away binge foods.. but yes, from tomorrow i will keep busy, keep a food diary and remain focused. i have accepted that i will binge in the future but i can get over it. immediately after a binge i would normally hate myself for 48 hours after, however now, i have about an hour of feeling bloated and lethargic, and then i think"well, this is a part of me that i must overcome and i can do this"- so im helping myself mentally post binge!
sometimes i binge having walked past a mirror, having seen my slim clothes hung up, photos of me last year happy and contented. i cant get rid of these but i now know to note these down so i know exactly what im going through and can try my hardest to deter myself...(oh its so hard *sighs*)

well il keep u posted :( thanks again xxx

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