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hey, it sounds like your nutritionist had some good advice - you DEFINITELY need more fat, carbs and calories and she seemed to pick up on that. in terms of "what if you have 6 servings instead of 4 or get 'overly full'," i'm not gonna give you the answer because you already know the answer. you know exactly what to do in that situation because you realize that ALL of this is in an effort to get you eating more healthily and freely. so one little thing that doesn't line up 100% exactly with your plan should be something you can deal with without going off hog-wild on the restrictions or the binges, you know? i know the apprehension about living within these "food guidelines," but it's just something you gotta do, i think. i don't think there's really any other way to convince a recovering anorexic to eat more variety and more calories total, and that's why so many of us end up with meal plans, you know?

in terms of exercise, run it by your therapist just to make sure it's okay but otherwise, cool, keep it up. definitely don't add any more as you're already doing a LOT (more than me!) between the yoga and the daily walking.

frozen yogurt . . . sigh. i've said what i'm about to say to you about 10 times already, so this is the last time, okay? (p.s. - i'm not mad or anything, i just want you to ACCEPT this and know that it's okay!) EAT YOUR DA** FROZEN YOGURT/CHOCOLATE EVERY DAY AS DESSERT. stop obsessing about it, stop worrying about it, stop restricting it. include it in your mind as part of your meal plan: 1 daily dessert. DON'T substitute it for some food you're supposed to be eating, just eat it as your ONE extra.

ah, alcohol. first of all, let me say that i'm a BAD example of what to do in this situation. i used to go out drinking ALL the time and NEVER worry about it (and repeat: i was not fat!), but unfortunately, ED has stolen that from me. So, what do i think you should do (and know i should do)? Go out, drink, not restrict AT ALL before and after and just have fun. After all, you know that's what everyone else is doing right? they aren't skipping out on meals and starving all day just so they can drink a couple gin & tonics, right?!?

Okay, so what do i actually do? first of all, i DON'T restrict my food, no way. that is just simply WAY too unhealthy and anorexic in my mind. i DO NOT suggest that you skip or skimp on ANY meals just because you're gonna be drinking. if you plan on doing that, then i'd suggest forbidding yourself from drinking until you can not starve yourself in order to do it. i usually just substitute the calories i'll take in drinking for calories other places in my diet. (remember, i have A LOT of calories to work with!) so, i'll not have dessert and the juice i'm supposed to have with dinner, so i can have a couple drinks when we go out. does that make sense? in NO WAY, do i skip out on actual food though. so, best case is to just drink and not worry, but if you aren't comfortable with that, then i'd suggest substituting alcohol for your nightly dessert (which i hope you WILL be adding every day!). i think as we recover we become more comfortable with everything and don't obsess over every 1/4 calorie, but for now, i'd say that's a relatively healthy, balanced way of dealing with the situation.

in terms of what i'm doing, could you check out my last post to Piscean (the thread's called "Trying to get to the bottom of my feelings..." I'm sorry, i'm just getting tired of typing!!) Anyway, i'd REALLY like your input and support on what i'm doing this week (2 times, eek!). I'm nervous about it cuz it's gonna mean i'll probably come close to 4000 calories those days since i have to keep the rest of the whole 3300-3400 meal plan intact (normal people NEVER eat that much!), but i'm trying not to think of the calories too much. okay, now i'm freaking out! read it and help!

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