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YES- Manda-YES. When I was finally making the decision to recover, I had gained 15 lbs due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and thyroid condition (which I just know was caused by the years of bulimia) and thought "I will lose the weight first, and then stop" but it does NOT work.

The less you eat...the slower your metabolism gets..the harder it will be for the rest of your life to EVER lose weight.

When you start to eat may gain some weight but over time your metabolism will start up again and you will be able to lose weight.

I bet the reason you have gained weight is because your bulimia. You are probably digesting a lot of the binge calories. Do you eat alot when you binge??

What would happen if you just tried eating small amounts throughout the day and not b/p for a week? Then 2 weeks? Why don't you see what happens??

Do you have a plan in mind about how to avoid b/p?? An activity you can do instead??
i used to eat a lot during a binge. But now when I binge I binge on certain foods. Like I will eat a bunch of instant oatmeal until I reach a certain fullness. I'm actually around the same weight that I was when I started throwing up. I did get down about 10 lbs, but then I started eating normally and then b/ping every so often. But Ive gone through periods where i'd overeat and then periods where id undereat. I think my metabolism is seriously messed up. Gaining weight is so depressing. Do you think if I eat more, and start exercising more, I won't gain as much weight? Right now I'm an off and on exerciser. I'd love to just find something that I can stick with and feel good about myself for doing whatever exercise. It seems like it'd help me get more in touch with my body.

I almost feel embarrassed when I tell my nutritionist that i'm not eating much. Because i haven't lost weight. So I feel like she thinks im lying (not that she's said anything or done anything to make me feel this way), i just feel like she has to think that way because if im not losing weight, obviously im eating enough. Im sure it's because of both my eating patterns and then "overeating" some days and having my metabolism be too slow and not ready to handle it.

I think I'm going to take you up on your idea. I think it would be a surprise to everyone if I say that I haven't thrown up for one week...two weeks...three...i have different ideas about what to do, but i think i need to really decide what will work for me. Maybe talking walks or just getting out of the house.

Sometimes I find myself just so sick of this. Obsessing over food and calories and losing weight for 15+ hours of the day. Eating the same foods everyday. Not eating all day and then eating a bunch of food at night. This just seems so pathetic and I can't believe this is me. There's so much more out there, I need to just take advantage of it. I like the idea you were saying on another post about simply not acting on those behaviors today. They talk about that in Life Without ED, about how she can always go back to them, but for today she's choosing not to. She's chosing not to overeat, not to restrict, not to b/p, she's choosing to eat healthfully and not obsess. I think I'll just have to think of a reward for myself when I go 3 weeks without purging. And every so often after that. :-)

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