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[QUOTE=Traumatized]Dear all,
I wish people mentioned the aftermaths a bit more....
I would like to thank you Natalie for your post of advice about 3 weeks ago. It is really great, i have it printed out and ready.
I haven't posted since as I have been struggling with my own aftermaths so thanks for bringing this topic up juicylucy. After 13 years of diehard bulimia and being underweight, my body has had it. The whole things has snowballed on me after some oral surgery gone wrong. I realise that the bulimia just contributed to my wisdom teeth extractions going bad. I have been blaming everything on my teeth but deep down inside I know it is the bulimia. Despite the physical problems, I am having difficulties with finding the strength to stop. I am reading a book and your suggestions Natalie but I feel so vulnerable atm.
Two weeks ago, I was sick like a dog...I have been turning into a tanned colour after b and p for about a year now. Well, two weeks ago I thought it was all over when I went brown, couldn't eat without side effects and severe abdominal and back pain. Prior to the "attack" I had had back pain for weeks. My heart was thumping away and I have been having frequent spells of quite severe arrythmia. My limbs went numb and I had a fever. My eyes ached and went yellow pink. I thought I wouldn't wake up the next day so I phoned home in case. It is clear to me that some thing(s) as in organs, are not working properlly anymore. The back pain won't go away. I have the lung problems you mentioned Natalie and I find it so debilitating when I do the only sport that I love, cycling. I have a horrific cough whenever I eat or drink anything. I have a constant metal taste in my mouth which I have read can be connected to kidney problems. Plus the itchy skin symptom suggesting liver or kidney problems. I have a weakened capillary above my temple in my hairline that freaks me out sometimes because it is like a sharp bump and I worry about it popping under pressure when purging. My head pressure is totally screwed up because of what you mentioned Natalie about the sinus problems. I often smell ammonia which is either kidney or liver related again. I use to smell that often when I was very underweight so that also concerns me because I am not severely underweight but I am totally wasted from doing this for 13 years.
My doctor is stumped thanks to my being too embarrassed to admit my addiction to him. All of my blood tests have come back within norms and my ECG was normal despite all of the above symptoms I had and have been having recently. I am concerned that the dr. does not know what possible problems to look for. The dr who knows about the proble doesn't seem to know what to look for anyway so it took my trust in drs away and I don't feel good about confessing to another dr. especially since I keep blaming my scrawniness on the hyperthyroid problems that are in my family. I admit, I am in a mess and I am the one that created it. One keeps pushing their body thinking nothing will ever happen to it or that it hasn't been that long yet so who cares. I have kept delaying getting out of the whole mess while I was still "healthy" and could prevent some of the damage that may be irreversible now. It feels like I am in such a hole now that rather than trying to get out of it, I feel more hopeless and like digging an even deeper one.
I hope more people share their stories about the aftermaths to help those who are at the beginning or at any stage of the ED to think about what they are doing to their bodies and why. Is it worth it? One day, it may just be too late to wish you had tried to get help earlier.
Take care, stay strong and fight[/QUOTE]


I am so glad to hear from you, despite that it isn't under the best of circumstances. I am so sorry for everything you are going through right now. I hope that all the bulimics on these boards will read your story and they will stop and think about the very REAL and HORRIFIC health effects you can develope as a result of bulimia.

First of all, WHY are so you so afraid to admit your ED to your doctor?? What are you afraid of?? Judgement?? Embarrassment? Or does admitting to and talking about your ED outloud make it "too real" for you??
Let me tell you- I have THE BEST doctor. He is like a good friend. But I could never tell him about my ED until a year ago...can you believe that?? I would never admit to it when other doctors (specialists) asked if I have/had an ED. I would lie and say no. Why the heck did I do that?? It was sooo stupid. So finally I got up the courage and told ONE doctor about 3 years ago, and guess what happened?? Nothing bad.....something good, actually!! He told me he would run more blood tests that were necessary since I was bulimic (I don't remember what those blood tests were...sorry) He did NOT judge me. He didn't even discuss it with me for more than 20 seconds...he just ran the tests necessary. After that, I started telling ALL my doctors because they can't completely help you if they don't know what is going on!!

About your lung you have asthma or acid reflux?? I am positive you have reflux. When I was 14, I started having CONSTANT breathing problems, coughing up phelm all day long, ect, and because I never told my doctors that I was bulimic, they never thought it could be acid reflux and I did not get treated for my reflux for years. I suffered for years with not being able to breathe because I woud not speak the word "I am bulimic"...what a waste!! I was big into showing horses at the time and I had to give that up because of my breathing problems. After I got about 75% better, when I went back to showing, I was never able to perform the same because acid reflux never really goes away...purging losen the muscle (I can't think of the name) at the end of your esophagus that keeps the acid from coming up. So that damage is done. I am not puring anymore, and I am STILL having constant acid reflux, but it does not seem to effect my breathing nearly as much anymore (only at night time, I have to use a special pillow to prop myself up to keep the acid from coming up).

A word about blood tests: You can still have a problem and test within the normal range! Did you get your bloodwork back?? What level was your potassium and sodium at (can you give me the lab ranges too?)

What kind of EKG did you have done?? The quick one that takes like 2 minutes or the comprehensive one that takes 15-20?? You need to be referred to a cardiologist ASAP you would NOT be having these heart symptoms if nothing was wrong. I had the quick EKG done first and it was normal, but I was having symptoms, so I went to a cardiologist and had the comprehenisve ond done and the 24 hour heart halter and I found out I had
Mitral Valve Prolapse, which is a benign condition thank god BUT it does explain the chest pains I get sometimes. If I never found out about the MVP, I would still be thinking I was having heart failure or something and worrying over nothing.
If you are symptomatic, take action: it doesn't matter if your one EKG was normal, arrhythmias are NOT normal and can kill you. The quick EKG and even the longer one can't always detect arrhythmias because you probably aren't having them all the time. Get to a cardiologist ASAP and get a 24 hour heart halter test where you wear the little machine for 24 hours. It will be much more effective to detect a problem as it records your heartbeats for a full 24 hours.

And please, please, please tell the cardiologist that you are bulimic. You CAN do it.

Also, please see some sort of internist about your kindney problems. I am not sure what kind of doctor deals with that, but you need a whole team of specialists, not just your family doctor. Your health care need have gone way beyond what a family doctor can handle. Start calling your doctor and get a bunch of referrals to specialists beause the sooner you take action the better.

And I am really happy to hear that my previous post helped you. I have been wondering lately if my being on these boards is doing any actual good-and I was also wondering if it would be better if I didn't post so much, because posting in a way keeps me "connected" the world of ED's and my ED.
But if I can help even 1 person a little bit, it will be worth it.

Let me know how it all turns out.

Best wishes,

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