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i'm 15 years old and already suffering from 2 eating disorders bulimia and aneorixa. in the past year i have lost about 30 lbs. at the end of last july i weighed 125 lbs. i had never weighed my self before and never really cared about. then i met a girl that was so skinny i could literally see all her ribs. she taught me how to be aneorixic and bulimic. I have recently opened up to my mom and have found help for my problems, but i seemed to have gotten worse!!! i know weigh 95 lbs and 5'4. i just feel so alone. i feel ashamed to talk to my mom and i feel disgusting for purging. i feel like i just can't control myself on my binges and i really want to stop. but i'm afraid of being fat. i understand the dangers involved with the eating disorders i just feel like i have no hope. my father always saying rude things like ur as big as a house and do u see that fat rolling over ur jeans, don't u think u have eaten enough today, when are u starting sports u need them. i just feel so alone............

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