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[QUOTE=mops41288]I feel so gross right now.. For dinner I went with my mom to this all you can eat chinese resturant(sp?) and had 2 plate fulls of food and an ice cream and apple pie dessert and I even ate BEFORE that! After dinner I felt so bloated - still do and just feel so disgusting... I guess this would be a good thing if I were trying to gain weight like I was back in november but Im not even trying to gain weight, just maintain. Even if Im at the lower end of the healthy weight for my height it still bothers me. Im having strong urges to weigh myself to see how much Ive gained I always did this after I ate a big meal like this - which Im NOT going to do it will make me so depressed, or just exersize like crazy or make myself sleep on the cold floor w/o pillows or blankets for the night (strange I know, but I use to do this for "punishment" if I went even one calorie over my limit back in the days when I was restricting) From all the calorie research I know I went WAY over from what I usually eat and dont even want to think how many calories Ive eaten. Especially this bloating feeling really gets on my nerves, its just so uncomfortable. Sorry I know this is sort of a weird and pointless post but I had to tell someone how I feel right now. Just wanted to know if anyone has gone through anything like this. Thank you for reading my pointless post.[/QUOTE]

Just remember that one pound has approximately 3500 calories in it; therefore, you would need to eat 3500 calories in order to gain one pound.
Considering that you burn over 1000 calories per day simply by being [I]alive[/I], even on a day when you do no physical activity whatsoever, you would've had to consume at least 4500 calories (probably closer to 5000 calories, if you've done anything physical at all today) during your chinese food binge in order to gain just [I]one pound[/I].
One pound is not much at all; it would not be noticable to anyone but you, and you could very easily lose it in a few days, just by adding an extra half hour of exercise to your daily routine. One pound is nothing, and I doubt you even gained that much. It would be very difficult to consume that many calories in one sitting.
Just keep that in mind, and don't panic. One pound is nothing, and that's the most you could've [I]possibly[/I] gained. You haven't blown it, you haven't done anything terrible; everybody overeats once in awhile (especially at chinese buffets!) and it really isn't any big deal. You are still in control of yourself.
I know it's uncomfortable when your stomach is too full, but you'll feel better soon; just drink lots of water, it will help you digest the food faster.
Maybe tomorrow, you won't be very hungry at all because you ate so much tonight, and in a couple of days at most you'll have burned off all the excess calories you consumed at that meal, and it'll all be history.
Keep it in perspective, is what I'm advising.
Overeating at one meal, or gaining one excess pound, is irrelevant in the big picture.
It [I]feels[/I] like a big deal right now because you overate and now your stomach hurts.
But it's not a big deal.
Your body will forgive you, you'll burn off the calories before you know it, and everything will be just fine.
Since you are recovering from an ED, you are probably deficient in not only calories but also nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You may be lacking calcium and iron. You may be anemic.
All these things will cause you to overeat, in an effort to get the things you need to be healthy.
It's not that you're a disgusting pig who is lacking in willpower, it's that your body is trying to get what it needs to be healthy again.
Be sure to take vitamins and iron supplements, and eat a balanced and nutritious diet, and you may be less tempted to overeat in the future.
But even if you do, it's no big deal and does not mean you are a bad person.
We [I]all[/I] overeat once in a while; even thin, healthy people do it sometimes, and it really is okay.
You're only human.

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