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Re: Sort of urgent
Mar 17, 2006
The thing is, I feel like I can't control it. Today, for example, I have already eaten a lot of food, and I SPECIFICALLY wanted to watch what I ate b/c I am going out tonight and drinking. So now I feel like I can't go out and have fun. I am still going to go out, obviously, but I just don't feel like it will be as fun now. I hate that I have to have this feeling!!!

I had a large apple and some berries for breakfast, then I picked up bagels for my brother and his friend and I ate some of the cream cheese when we got home (LOVE cream cheese - haha). Then I had, for lunch, some chicken rice soup, 2 rice cakes, and 1.5c. LF cottage cheese with tomatoes. I am really full now! I did the elliptical for 30 minutes at the gym today, but that doesn't even seem to break a sweat for me. I feel like I am just going through the motions. I just hate how horrible I have been feeling the past few days, and even though I know everything you guys are saying is right, it won't stick in my head!

Joni, you are doing AWESOME and you cannot back down - you've come so far! Mentally, you are thinking so much more clearly and you are so much happier (am I right?) In time, you will be able to exercise again, but trust me, for now it is good that you are not. You obviously cannot afford to spare the calories. And you are not turning to mush by not exercising - I know that's what you are probably thinking. Your body is actually repairing, restoring, and resting. It will be more ready to go than ever once you are healthy and able to exercise again!

Dawg, keep the motivation strong. You are going to the outpatient clinic on monday no matter what! Haha. You need me to tell you that - you are DOING it. I am counting on you. I know you can do it!! And no weighing - there is no possible way you are gaining weight and it would be ridiculous to even weigh yourself right now.

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