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Mar 19, 2006
ok so i know im going through something a little abnormal lately..i make myself throw up..i've have been caugh 2 times..not in the act but my mom is a mom and can tell when something isnt normal..but i just told her i'll be ok and whatever and have just gotten better at hiding it..but i cant seem to stop..i always tell myself "this is the last time" and it never seems to stop..i often times eat a little something befor school and drink tea and the just throw it up at school..i'll eat an apple or something like that and a yougert, and then throw it up..then i'll come hom and eat like a mad-woman whos never seen food before, and the definately throw it up..and the same for dinner..i jst cant seem to stand the feeling of being full, but cant starve my body because i am an athlete..well my question anyway has to do with the uncontrolable eating rants that i seem to go on..once i eat one thing i want more and then just seem to tell my self "you'll just throw it up anyway"..then after i MUST purge and after i do thati still feel like crap because i feel like im going to still gain do i make these eating rants stop?

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