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LS, I gotta butt in here. You are NOT handling your ED OK, hun.You are NOT eating nearly enough. You asked " Joni, I'm not sure if this might be the case, but do you think that maybe you think I'm not eating enough just b/c you have to eat SO much. Maybe my metabolism is a lot slower than yours? Maybe what I'm eating is right for me, you know?" ..........NO! You are a six foot tall girl who needs to gain weight, and you are eating like a five foot tall girl who is trying to lose or maintain her weight.

Your metabolism?? LS...your metabolism is totally SHOT right now because you have been eating so little food for so long!! You have damaged and are damaing your metabolism. is slow. All anorexics and dieters metabolisms are slow because when you eat too little, it shuts down. The only way your metabolism will ever start working again is if you eat more FOOD. More calories. And what you are eating is NOT right for you!! That is your ED mind!! I eat more then you and I am like a foot shorter!! And you have to keep in mind and prepare yourself, for when you DO start to eat more, you might gain quickly because of the water weight and because your metabolism has been damaged so much, your body might hang onto every extra calorie. You have to Eat more and gain weight before your metabolism will start working again, there is NO way around that! That is why you need to be in an outpatient program, where you can eat some meals there, you will have a strict meal plan, and you will have medical help and professionals to listen to you when you are having a hard time with the weight gain-and you probably Will have a hard time with the weight gain because it it obvious that you don't want to gain any weight at all. If you are NOT in an program, what do you think will happen when you gain 2 or 3 lbs?? You will eat even less then you are now! You will NEVER get healthy if you are not in a program where there are professionals basically telling you what to do. You can not be accountable to CAN NOT TRUST YOURSELF TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL HELP.

LS- do you want to gain weight?? Do you want to recover?? If not, keep on eating like you are eating, and keep on seeing your same nutritionist. Your occassional visits to the nutirionist are not going to help anything because IT IS YOUR MIND THAT IS SICK. You need professional therapy to cure your sick mind. What good is it to have a meal plan (which sucks, by the way, or you are just not following) when you are mentally unable to follow it?? If your nutrionist told you tomorrow, "you have to eat 2,500 calories a day from now on," would you do it?? No way....not the way you are now. Your mind will not let you eat that much.

Do you knoow how many calories you ate today??
Bfst: Luna bar (150) apple (80) coffee (0????)
Lunch: chicken rice soup (150) string cheese (80) 3 rye krisps (50?) 1 mini hershey dark (50)
snack: orange (60) 1 slice veggie cheese (70)
---met a friend for a glass of wine---fun! (100)
Dinner: made a turkey burger at home with egg beaters and onions mixed in and ate it with 1/4 cup avocado, tomato, 3/4 cup peas, and ketchup and mustard (600)-and I bet you did not eat all of it, right??
Dessert: diet hot chocolate with WHIPPED CREAM and another hershey dark square (100)

For a grand total of 1,440 calories (or less)

I used to count calories obsessively, so I know I am very nearly perfect on my calorie estimation.

I am 5'1'', and I eat 1,500-1,700 calories a day.

A Luna bar and an apple is not breakfast. WAY too low cal.
Your lunch was horribly low cal.
Your dessert was not even a dessert.
Your only decent meal was dinner

Really, LS....EVERYONE is telling you that you are not eating enough, and you think you are eating too much. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I care about you, and you are not making progress. In fact, I think you might be getting worse.

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