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[QUOTE=sunshine18]Yes, I know it's psychologically HORRIBLE! But the truth is I am pretty healthy as of now. Most days. Bulimia is simply my coping mechanism, and it sucks. I have to emphasize that I AM pretty healthy, just not when I'm having a b/p day.[/QUOTE]

Sunshine, who are you trying to convince?? You are NOT "pretty healthy!" You may not have any symptoms yet, but you are destroying your body!!!

Complicatons of purging:: (EVEN YOU ONLY DO IT "ONE IN A WHILE")

Tearing of Esophagus
Gastric Rupture - from binging
Gastrointestinal Bleeding - bleeding into the digestive tract.
Barrett's Esophagus - Which is associated with Cancer of the esophagus and caused by Esophageal Reflux
Low blood sugar
Death!! Some of the causes: heart attack or heart failure, internal bleeding, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure; pancreatitis, gastric rupture, perforated ulcer, ect ect.


You said you know bulimia is psychologically horrible,but you said nothing about the physical dangers.

Why are you trying to make your deadly disorder seem not dangerous??
Why are you justifying?? You seem like you don't want to hear the dangers-then why are you asking ????'s
[QUOTE=sunshine18]Natalie thanks for the repsonses. I AM aware of the physical dangers, but my form of bulimia can absolutely not be compared to a bulimic who throws up everything he/she eats! I am extremely educated on the disorder. I know it's unhealthy, I just don't think I'll drop dead one day!

Why am I asking questions? I don't know anymore, okay? I'm just extremely depressed and so incredibly confused.[/QUOTE]

Hey, I'm online right now....I want you to know that your form of bulimia CAN be compared to a bulimic who throws up everything she eats. Why?? Beacause it only takes ONE PURGE to rupture your esophagus. It only takes on large binge to cause a gastric rupture. It only takes on purge for your potassium to drop suddenly, and for you to pass out and die. It can happen. aren't at risk for malnutrition like someone who throws up everything she eats, but the great risk of bulimia is not is the dangers of act of purging.

The reason I am being so aggressive with you is because I, too, before I started recovering, would argue with people that I was at "less risk for complications" because I was only throwing up occassionally. In fact, the person I argued with was Maggie..I don't know if she is here anymore or if she remembers...but I got all mad at her and tried to convince everyone that occasional binging and purging was less dangerous than doing it all the time.

I know now that it isn't true!!

And you are not educated on your disorder if think the vomiting of morning sickness and the flu is comparable to bulimia, you just aren't, OK?? You aren't educated enough if you don't understand why purging is so dangerous. I am saying this because you are so like I was only last year. You are trying to ignore the real dangers. I knew that bulimia was bad for your health for years but I never understood the dangers of the act of purging until recently.

I am truly sorry if you think I am being mean to you, I am only doing it to try and get you to see that you aren't accepting the dangers of bulimia yet. You know them, but you don't think they are a reality. You don't think they will happen to you. Do you think anyone who dies of an ED thinks it will happen to them??? Normal weight bulimics die all the time. There are websites dedicated to them. There was a normal weight bulimic girl my age who died recently, her mom was on the local news. According to her, her daughter wasn't even a "severe" bulimic. She was still normal weight and ate meals at home and was an athlete.

What are you confused about??? Everything??? I can understand that...

Hang in there, OK??

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