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We do a little damage to our esophagus everytime we purge. The stoamche acid comes up with our food-which erodes our esophagus over time. The stomach acid also erodes the enamel on our teeth. Brushing just makes it worse-you brush the acid into the teeth that way. Make sure you rinse with water, eat a little something, and then brush. We also stress our our heart everytime we purge. You know how your heart beats wildly after you purge?? That is stress on the heart. You do that enough, and you damage your heart. We also lose electrolytes everytime we purge, so you MUST replace them after you purge. Drink a glass of OJ and a banana. These are just precautions-they won't prevent a serious complication.

The chronic fatigue is from the years of abuse. I too did not throw up everything I ate. But, the years of the purging took its toll. I was normal weight, but probably very malnurished.

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