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I just read through all of the posts in this thread (a long 8 pages! and I am VERY concerned. Honestly, you are on the verge of a serious eating disorder and I hope to g*d you get help before you get into deep trouble. You are already feeling out of control and binging, then restricting, binging, exercising, restricting...the cycle just SOUNDS tiring. I can't even imagine how you must feel! It's like everyday you are walking on eggshells wondering "Will I binge today? Will I eat normally today? How much will I exercise today?" That is no way to live.

I am currently recovering from my own issues with anorexia and when I read stories like yours it makes me realize just why I am so motivated to recover. Life should not be consumed with calories, exercise, food, etc... 1100 calories a day is NOT enough for you to be eating. If you calculated that you need 1400 calories a day, that means you would need to eat that if you were just LYING IN BED all day - not if you are exercising an hour a day! You need at LEAST 2000 to maintain your weight. I guarantee that if you start eating enough for your body you will no longer have the urges to binge. It might take a couple weeks, but I promise you it will be worth it. If you think a therapist would be beneficial to you, GET ONE. Do not wait until you think it's "bad enough" b/c that is the wrong time to address it - trust me. Nip it in the bud!

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