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come on, girls! you've gotta believe in yourselves! i KNOW that you can beat these disorders (just as i know i can beat my own), but you have to realize that for yourselves. give yourselves some credit. maybe make a list of all the things you've accomplished so far in terms of beating your ed. it can be minor or insignificant, but write it down anyway. you have to find that faith, that little light of hope somewhere deep inside that says "I can do this. I can recover and be healthy and happy." it's a REALLY hard battle and i know it can break you down, but you've gotta at least just keep believing in yourself. YOU are the only one that can beat this, right? So find that strength inside yourself. Even when things are going sh***y and you think it'll never happen, keep just a little light of hope that says "well, i THINK i can still do this." please stay strong, i know it'll get better. good luck.

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