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i'm glad you came on. i hope we can change your mind, but i'm not sure if we'll be able to. i realize that you understand that what you're doing is extremely unhealthy and that you don't want to continue it indefinitely. (in other words, i'm not in any way viewing you as someone who thinks eating this little is "okay," do you know what i mean?) but there are some REALLY important issues that i want to talk over with you and make sure you at least understand the consequences, okay?

1) the heart attack: yes, it CAN happen and it's likely with a starvation diet and rapid weight loss. call a nurse anonoumously and ask if you'd like confirmation on that. you are putting INCREDIBLE stress on your heart by doing this (and that has nothing to do with not planning on this diet long-term. you are at risk of this NOW.)

2) metabolism: this is the biggest one and the point i REALLY hope you can grasp. do you understand how your metabolism works? when you eat frequently (but don't overeat) and exercise, it goes faster, which means that your body burns calories more efficiently. obviously, this makes weight loss/maintenance easier, you know? HOWEVER, by undereating, your metabolism slows down. your body begins to move and work slower (ie: burn less calories) because it needs to be able to get by on less "fuel." so even though you're eating less, you're also burning less off, so weight loss happens slower. and this happens to people who drop their calories to 1200 (or even more sometimes). so that 30 pounds will come off slower and slower and your body works less and less to basically save itself. now, what you're doing is an EXTREME starvation diet. when you put your body into starvation mode (which happens with hundreds more calories than you're taking in, by the way), your metabolism goes as slow as humanly possible (burning off as few calories as it possibly can to keep you alive). obviously, this SUCKS for weight loss for numerous reasons. one, it is VERY hard to lose weight if you aren't actually burning anything off, right? if your body is desperately hanging onto every calorie you give it.

and two (this is the big one), when you reach your "goal weight," your metabolism is DEADLY slow. so then what? you plan on eating more then, right? well i can tell you that you will begin to pack weight on IMMEDIATELY because you're functioning with a horribly slow metabolism. and i'm talking rapid weight gain eating 500-1000 calories a day here. you wanna jump to a normal, healthier level of calories? you'll gain weight so quickly you won't believe it. PLEASE just trust me on this and will all the other recovering anorexics back me up here? EVERY girl overcoming anorexia (which i'm not saying you have, but your eating habits ARE those of an extreme, should-be-hospitalized anorexic right now) has to deal with this instant and rapid weight gain when they start eating again. and it SUCKS. your metabolism speeds up gradually, but you gain a LOT of weight initially. for anorexics, this is horrible to deal with mentally, but fine on the grander scale cuz they NEED to gain that weight. but what do you think you'll do when you gain 5 pounds in the week after you reach your "goal weight?" seriously, what is your plan??? you gonna keep eating normally and accept that the weight will keep packing back on until your metabolism speeds up (which could take about a month, maybe more)? i highly doubt that.

3) this is something you probably won't believe (cuz no eating disordered person actually thinks at the beginning that they will get to that point), but i'll say it breifly anyway. merely by starving yourself (ie: mimicking the behavior of anorexia without the emotional/mental component) you can DEVELOP an eating disorder with ALL the mental/behavioral/emotional components. there was a study done post WWII to determine the best way of "refeeding" people from concentration camps so they could get them healthy without overwhelming their bodies. basically (unethical, yes) they starved otherwise healthy men to see how they could best "refeed" them. the big result, however, was that ALL of the men developed the "traits" of anorexia -- obsession with body image, desire to maintain their new underweight weights, obsession with food and recipes, odd eating habits, etc. PLEASE look into this study and try to believe it, because it makes me worry that (if you aren't already disordered in your thinking, which i fear you might be), you will very soon develop the disorder. and keep in mind, anorexics don't HATE food and dam* near every one of us has said this at one time or another: "Once I get my weight down, I will not have any problem stopping. I already want to eat normal food. Im sick of being hungry." We want to eat too, but it ain't about food: it's about CONTROL and the disordered behavior and mindset controlling your life. and i can guarantee you from experience and research that you will NOT be the one case who can "break" the control as easy as 1-2-3.

THAT is why i worry for you. starvation causes a TERRIBLE cycle of restrict-eat normally-gain weight rapidly-freak out-restrict again. there is no way to avoid it (unless of course you just BREAK the cycle, accept that you'll gain weight initially and then figure out how to lose it healthily). you should really read through a lot of the posts on the weight loss board of these boards, cuz there's a lot of info about this on there.

and finally, WHY??? why do you need to do this so, and i'm not trying to be cruel, STUPIDLY? do you honestly, deep-down think that 3 months of starvation is gonna make you get skinny so then you can eat normally and be "happy?" since when has that EVER worked for anyone? i'm 100% serious here. you show me ONE person for whom this has worked who HASN'T developed anorexia and i'll back off. it DOESN'T work, okay? you aren't the "special case" for which starvation is the key to life-long weight loss and maintanence? please stop killing yourself, go to a doctor to make sure your health is okay and get a HEALTHY weight loss plan. you're setting yourself up for a life of misery if you don't. good luck and PLEASE post back your opinions, okay?

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