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i dont know if i have a problem or not!! i go to a dietican and therapist but i just feel like its not that bad. i eat about 1100 calories a day but im so desperate to just eat in the triple digits! 800-900 would be ideal. i feel so guilty after i eat and i hate eating so much. food has all of the sudden become my enemy and i dont know what to do.i have all these feelings about how i hate food. it makes me feel so good to be hungry. after i eat something big there is such temptation to make myself throw up (i haven't yet) but i feel like theres abotu to be a breaking point and ill start purging. i guess im just scared for that day and i dont want it to come. i'm not losing any weight or anything. help me!! i'm afraid to talk to people like my family about it because im ashamed. so do i have a problem? can you relate to anything i've said?

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