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Okay, first I would like to say that I used to suffer from an eating disorder. At first I was in denial because I thought that in order to have an eating disorder you had to vomit and use laxatives. I was using "excessive exercise" and "diet pills" like ephedrine and caffiene as my way of getting rid of the food I ate.

First let me say that I joined the gym as a 5"6, 140 lb, 19 year old female. I wasnt fat but I wasnt thin. I was just average. I hated my stomach because it was flabby and my hips were big. But I was confident. My goal was to get down to 115 lbs. I managed to hit the 94 lb mark.

Now let me tell you that the road to anorexia, bulimia or anything that includes jeaopardizing your health Is not glamerous and it is not worth it. Being a "bag of bones" is not BEAUTIFUL despite what you hear and see on television. It is NOT what guys want and its not what anyone should strive for. I feel so sad when I see pictures of myself with my ribs poking out and bruises on my body and my hair all matted and my skin all pale and clammy looking. I look DEAD! And thats not how anyone should want to look.

Why do "we" as women feel the need to be a size 1? Thats not ideal? Not even celebrities can match up to what they are made out to be on magazines! Magazines want "perfect 10's" and even the women such as, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff are not perfect. 90 lbs with a 5"5 body is not attainable. It cannot happen. It will kill you. AND what good is being thin is your 10 feet under? I dont think your life is a good price to pay to be thin. And what is thin? I always thought that thin was someone slim and petite. Not with their ribs poking out. Ribs are gross. It makes you look frail and powerless. Why not strive for something more??

For example ... why not work towards having muscle. Strong arms, definition, abs, A nice bum and a body that people envy! Because let me tell you, A guy would want a healthy, fit woman over a boney corpse anyday!

Love yourself! Quit trying to live up to what you see in the media! Its not the kind of body you can maintain! Food is good. Remember when you were a child? Popsicles and chocolate and caramel snacks? Remember? French fries? Salads and spare ribs on the barbeque. Then going out with your little friends and buying sour candies at the candy store. Eating cotton candy and candy apples? Remember those carefree days? Having mashed potatoes and pasta because it tasted good and not worrying about getting fat? Well did you get fat?

No you didnt. Why not? Because you were active. And an eating disorder is a mental thing. Your only overweight to yourself and everyone else sees you as thin.

So Please! Stop hurting yourselves. Eat food. Stop the foolishness. The magazines are sending wrong messages and if It was up to me ... I would come out with a magazine with real women on it. Not these fake, airbrushed women that look like barbie dolls. Its such a unrealistic goal to set for yourself and the more you compare yourself to these fakes the more your gonna hate yourself and your body. Love your body. Getting your period is GOOD !! Not getting your period means your in a vulnerable state and your body is trying to preserve every little nutrient it gets because its starving! Getting bruises all over your body means your body cannot heal quickly! Also starving yourself robs your bones of calcium. So your only making yourself age wayyyyyy too soon.

Think of it this way ... As scary as it sounds but ... ANOREXIA/BULIMIA KILLS! Its just a matter of time. You see pictures of women suffering from eating disorders and its sad because theres such little difference between them and the skeleton and that means only one thing, WOMEN WITH ANOREXIA/BULIMIA. Are not that far from death.

So love yourself! Go have something to eat and enjoy it. Life is for living. Not dying!! Sure its hard sometimes, It really is. But food is soo good for you. It gives you so many things. So eat! Do something good for your body. YOU CAN DO IT! I've been through it and Im getting better, everyday!

YOUR NOT FAT AND UR NOT GONNA GET FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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