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What can help you is smaller portions, or just taking all the junk out of the house. Trust me it works. Take it all out, what do you have to snack on? You would probably be forced to snack on fruits and other foods rather than empy calories that go right to add to your weight. I would suggest joining the gym and using their daycare center. Take babysteps. Don't force yoruself to run5 miles on the treadmill, walk 5 instead. I would suggest eating full meals. Protein full meals, they fill you up easier, also watch your PORTIONs! Also when restricting don't say NO! Say not now, but ill have some tomorrow. Another suggestion is when you come up to what you are craving ask youself, why do i want to eat this? Because im hungry? No.. because..blabla.. it really helps. Also occupy yourself. Maybe the kids are at school, if you have a dog take it for a walk, or walk yourself. Read a book, go to the gym, run errands,clean up the house. Loosing 130 pounds will take a long time to do, atleast a year, but set a goal for youself that you know won't restrict you too much, otherwise it will lead to binging! Which is basicaly yo yo dieting..leads to weight gain.
Hope this helps.

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