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DO NOT brush your teeth immediately after. That's the worst thing to do. Mouth wash.... my nutritionist tells me this every time i visit her. Brushing just pushed the acid into your teeth.

I notice how you said "I dont have an eating disorder." Despite the fact that you have been purging so often, and yes, once every three months is often. Maybe it's not as much as some people, but it is a problem. And yes, stress often makes it worse. Overeaters will overeat, bulimics b/p more, anorexics eat less. It's our coping mechanism.

And usually your face only gets puffy if you are throwing up a lot. Or at least that's how it is with me. But no matter how much you're throwing up, it is a problem and it's something that needs to be dealt with.

Do you want to stop?
no dont brush yr teeth ahh worst thing u can do cos yr be brushing the acid into yr teeth!
as for the purgiging, i think u should ask yrself or ask others - do i have an eating disorder? cos i think we'd responce yes, maybe not accutly but u are still illistating the warning signs, maybe u need help now b4 things get harder it is SO GOOD tht u r talking now about it maybe u r worried about change, being sick can provide 1 with a reaslease which u cant perhaps find at the mo i think somehow u need to allow urself more time and make time so that ur realease dosnt have to be like it is becomming keep writting hope we can help

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