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Even though its only Wednesday night here Im already dreading the weekend. This weekend my mom is actually planning on making a homemade meal (which is VERY rare) shes a great cook and it seems like almost every time she cooks, I binge. I dont know what it is... Its hardly ever junk food, mostly things like bread, cheese, pasta, ect. This also happens every time we go out to eat or get take out which luckily is something we rarely do. I never use to binge and use to have much more control. I have been restricting (roughly 660 calories a day) since last Saturday to make up for the binge I had last Friday. I guess Im kind of an all or nothing person. I either limit my calories exactly or if I cant for some reason (Like we go out to eat or my mom cooks and I have to eat the food) I figure since Im probably already way over my calorie intake for the day, I might as well just go all out and eat what I want as much as I want because I know in the next week I'm going to do some major restricting and hardly be able to eat. I never thought a person could be both anorexic and a binge eater. They are so opposite!Does anyone else think this way or something like it? I do sometimes take laxatives (slowly trying to stop) and I donít make myself throw up. Iím really worried that all this binging (this will be the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks) will pack on the pounds real quick. I'm still underweight and DO want to gain but my anorexia part doesn't and i don't want to gain too quick. So I just need some reassurance that a binge will not make me gain like 20 pounds overnight.

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