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I hate weekends...
Jun 16, 2006
Yes, Im probabily the only person in the world who hates weekends... They just seem so hard to get through and when they do I cant wait for monday. On weekends Im either really trying hard not to binge (which I havent done in a week) and it also makes it harder when Im restricting (like Ive been doing the past week) The weekend seems to go by so slow esp. when Im restricting, I actually count down the hours and mins until I allow myself to eat. At least during the week I have school and errands to keep me busy so I dont really have time to think about food. Then to add to the stress, weekends my family usually wants to go out to eat or order in. Then I start worrying about how many calories are in that food and what can I eat there. Sunday mornings I guess are the worst. My mom aways makes my dad and herself breakfast which is usually breakfast steak, eggs, hashbrowns or something that isnt a "safe food" It really bothers me when shes making the food since I wont allow myself to eat any of it. Even though the smell and the sight of the food makes me want to eat even more, I still wont give in. Sometimes I even break out in tears! Its crazy. But I know if I give in on the food I wont forgive myself and feel like crap the rest of the day. So usually on weekends I try to sleep more or find ways to keep busy to get my mind off food. Anyone else find weekends hard to get through?

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