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oh bother wrote u a long reply but server went down and lost it bascially i wanted to say how much i am thinkin of u but to that u need to somehow begin to address yr issues.
being 7 st is low and what u described as over exercising and not eating illistrtes a warning sign that somewhere u r struggling primarly with yr weight but prob more internal-
a binge is differnt 4 us all 4 me it used to amount to alot of foods now it can only be 1/2 item and its too much
i think we r classic black n white thinkers-u poss sound like u r easiest ex is eat all or none but its about addressing the grey areas too
there is lots u need to address putting on weight u may have needede is maybe why u feel fat but may not be that u r-r distorted perceptions and difficulty maintaing weight has an effect on this
i think u need to seek some supp it can go both weighs and know many who have reached he both drastic ends of the perception but the similaryt is the feelings and struggles and how we internalsie r pain and how we externalise it
i hope u can c u not so alone
keep writting
and hope u can find some1 u can trsut who can help u
u deserve it even if dont think

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