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Re: Bed
Jul 18, 2006
hi princess you really are not alone-thougth really understand where your coming from. the focas seems to be about underweight and it is hard to feel acknowledge. i hate it becuase for me it is reinforcing that people need to visauaaly see something is wrong on the outside and adly they only really seem to see the extreame ends of the spectrum. i have a few friends who have binge ed and it isnt easy to feel acknowledged. i agree it is just as serious. what you need to start to address is what happens to you when you eat, when you binge. are you doing it becuase you get some comfort from it or is it a punshiment, does the fullness appeal sometimes they say it is almost like pushing your feelings down. i have had bullima and it is very similar just i have had to rid of what i have done to self. sometimes it is additctive, the feeling/release/freedom you experinece numbs how you feel.
it is so true an ed is the whorst thing cos it is so hard to advoid in the sence we need food to live opposed to alcholics or smokers dont 'need' their additions just are drawn to them
have you spoke to anyone, professional like, spoke to your gp?
the pain assoicated with an ed is when it is not regonised or is hard to identify
there is help out there, but keeping it real it can be harder to find
your not alone hun
keep posting dont give up in looing for support
you need it JUST as much. it dosnt matter what your size or trait of ed it is about your struggles of inter relating to self and experinces
it is horrible that people only look for the extreames, but what you, we do to ourself is extreame to the damgae we inflic on ourselves you need to try hard in telling people like you see you cant leave others to assume cos sadly they dont always see till its to late
take care
keep posting
lorri x

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