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This is my first post.

I don't know if I have what would be considered an eating disorder or just unhealthy eating habits.

I just had a baby this year and I have not lost all the baby weight yet. I am 35 pounds heavier than I was in highschool. Websites that I go to say that I am 15 pounds over my healthy weight, and it makes me feel so depressed. My husband abandoned me and my son, so now I'm going through a divorce and am under a lot of stress. I work full-time, and try to eat normally when I am there, but on my days I have off I feel that I have a problem.

I eat a small breakfast, usually a slim-fast or a bowl of cereal. Then all I can think about at work is how quickly I can get lunch. At work, I try to limit what I get for lunch, but I always feel like it is too much and that other people think that too. That will usually be my last meal for the day, aside from an occassional snack. I only eat dinner maybe once or twice a month.

My days off however, I just feel completely out of control.

I will eat a regular breakfast in the morning, but by 9 o'clock, I am ready for lunch. I will eat a frozen dinner. By 10 o'clock I'm ready for a second lunch, so I'll make something else. I will usually eat 4 or 5 meals by noon, and then not eat again until the next morning.

I try to keep all healthy food in the house, or at the very least, reduced fat. But if there are any snacks, even if they are "healthier", I will just eat them until they are gone.

I've never thrown-up or used anything like diet-pills or laxatives. When I looked around online it said that usually fasting is considered not eating for 24 hours or more, but I usually go 14-18 hours.

I am completely unhappy with the way I look, and I feel like all I can think about is what I am going to eat next.

Those mornings that I just keep eating, I tell myself I shouldn't but I do anyway. Afterwards I feel horrible and depressed.

Should I try talking to my doctor? Could I have some sort of eating disorder?

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