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Hey onetruefriend, Try not to worry about the weight gain cause like Manno said it is more than likely just water weight. I was in the hospital inpatient program for treatment for anorexia/bulimia and when i started eating again i gained MAJOR water weight. It's because i was sooo dehydrated from restricting and b&p'ing. Laxatives dehydrate you in the same way so once you stop taking them they have the same effect causing water retention. Trust me when i say it is just water weight. With me my ankles were sooo swollen i ended up having to limp around for a few weeks cause they were hurting so much, i was extremely bloated that i looked a couple months pregnant. A couple ways to know if you are retaining water is by looking at your ankles, if your socks are leaving imprints then its a sign of water retention, thats what my dietitian was watching out for with me. Also i want to let you know that even though you do go through these side effects and sometimes like with me can get really bad....IT ABSOLUTELY DOES GO AWAY...i promise you....try to be patient with it, it took a little over a month for me to actually start seeing the swelling go down but it did start going away and will for you too. You've put your body through so much harm that it may get worse before it gets better but just keep reminding yourself that its worth it cause it definitely is. Just a note to you too....i don't mean to scare you cause i'm sure you already know the damage laxatives can cause and i know recovery is not that easy but when i was in the hospital my friend there went through ABSOLUTE HORROR because of her laxative abuse...i can't even explain to you how horrible her side effects were...anyway my point is that i am soooooo proud of you for giving up the laxatives and i hope and pray you stick with it. I would hate for you to go through the same horror my friend did. Hang in there kay this will pass ;)
P.S i know this isn't a pretty question but also if you are not having bowel movements regularily it may indicate a need to be checked by a doctor...this was one of the problems my friend had so if you have problems like this i hope you'll get it checked otherwise hang in there

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