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I have. I wasn't a daily user, but at one point I was using them several times a week. That lasted for almost a year. I didn't take the pills- I took the liquid stuff by Phillips. In raspberry. Even thinking about the taste of that stuff right now makes me want to gag.

So aside from no longer being able to eat anything raspberry flavored, I also did some good ol' damage to my stomach. We here horror stories about how people who take and abuse laxatives end up in the hospital with horrible things happening to them. And while that didn't happen to me (thank god), I now have a super sensitive stomach. If I eat just one "wrong" thing (like a cookie? shortening and sugar?) I immediately bloat up and get horribly gassy. Sometimes I even get diarrhea, and in a very bad way. :(

I never EVER had that problem prior to my laxative abuse. It's an embarassing problem to have. I wish I had never abused laxatives, because my digestive system is likely to be messed up for the rest of my life. I am also constantly thirsty- there are points where I feel soooo horribly dehydrated all the time. It's just like the dehydration I'd feel when I'd take the laxative. The doctor has done numerous tests and everything checks out fine, of course. :rolleyes: They never tell you about the "little" things you can do to damage yourself.

I just quit cold turkey. It's been almost two years since I've touched 'em. I wish you the best of luck- stop now before you do any more damage!

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