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Hi Static,

Like I said, I was taking sooo many a day, for 2+ years. I was able to wean off them and I physically can NOT take them anymore, My body rejects them. You can get off them. I know a few gals who have done the same thing as I have, (weaned off), in my ED group, and they have not gone back. It is not safe to stop cold turkey. You will experience more bloating than if you just cut down slowly. It takes a while and a lot of hard work, but it can be done. You have to be patient. You can take things to "help you go" that do not harm your body like laxatives do.

Hang in there.
Take care. :)
Thanks so much for the hope that it is possible...what types of things can you take to help you go? That is something my doctor hasn't helped me with she has just told me to wean off but hasn't given any alternatives...
Hello Static,

I'm also a laxative abuser, I been taking eight ducolax tabs a day for more than 3 years, just recently I started to wean them off because of the horror stories I hear about laxatives, the cost of the laxatives and its embarrasing the way that my stomach gurgles through out the day. I'm doing it very slow, I started to take seven a day instead of eight, I've done this for a month and this week I started taking six a day, so far its been okay, I just go to bathroom sometimes twice a day, I'm also taking a diuretic (40mg of lasix) to help me with the water retention, I know the worst is yet to come but maybe since I'm doing it slowly it won't be so bad.

My advice is not to do it cold turkey, I did that once and not only was the bloating unbearable but I also developed a huge hemorroid which I had to have surgically removed.

Good Luck, keep me posted on your progress and if you learn of any good tips along the way.:)

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