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Hi Static,

I feel your pain Sister! I was able to get off those little poison pills and you can too! It is a HARD thing. Your body goes through some uncomfortable side effects, but hang in there and you CAN BEAT THEM!

I started by weaning off them. Instead of 30 a day, I took 25, then 20 and so on. It takes a while, but I would'nt recommend going cold turkey. Try drinking Metamucil or another similar product, (that's what they gave me in the hospital) and it helps. They are sooooo bad for you! And remember it is not "real weight" you are loosing when you take them, and it is not "real weight" you are gaining when you stop them. IT IS ONLY WATER! and when your body gets back on track it will all even out. :)

I reallly hope the best for you. YOU CAN DO IT!


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